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Mold remediation


Mold can be found everywhere. It is a natural help to the environment. However, it becomes a problem when more is measured inside than outside. Finding more mold inside, classifies your home or office as contaminated.  Mold grows and spreads easily with just water and moisture. The right conditions of warm temperatures, high humidity and an organic food source inside your house, causes mold to grow in 48 hours. This growth spreads rapidly where flooding or water leakage have occurred. When not dealt with properly, a real threat can affect health with—allergies and respiratory issues.   

Water loss is a typical precursor to mold.  Do not wait to get help with a leaking pipe or water loss event. More than likely mold has developed, and mold contamination has started inside your home.

Call Lockwood Enterprises—(530) 378-5848—the Professional Experts in water loss and mold removal.  We act quickly and decisively to solve the real problem, so more issues do not occur. 

Other Disaster Services

Water damage

Fire and smoke damage

Wind damage

Natural disaster


  • DO NOT IGNORE THE MOLDLY OR MUSTY SMELL. Investigate for water loss or collective moisture. It is likely a water loss has occurred.

  • DO NOT WAIT. When you find the source of your problem. CALL THE PROFESSIONALS — (530) 378-5848. Lockwood Enterprises will act quickly to mitigate your water loss and/or mold problem.

  • CALL YOUR INSURANCE. Lockwood is your insurance specialist.

With over 20 years of experience and a continual commitment to education and training, we investigate, find and resolve the problem. At Lockwood Enterprises, we are on the homeowner’s side. We want you back in your home as quickly as possible.  In a home or office emergency, we are here 24/7. Don’t hesitate to call us when disaster strikes!


Unlike franchises and big corporations more of your money stays local without sacrificing quality. We employ only the most qualified professionals. Our staff hold IICRC Master Certifications in the following: Water Restoration, Fire and Smoke Restoration, and Textile Cleaners.


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We’re available 24/7 to discuss your restoration needs. Get the help you deserve.

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